Post # 14 — Greatest hits and holiday hiatus

Dear readers,

Professors are checking their grade books and checking them twice. They’re going to find out which students’ grades suffice. Yup, it’s that time a year again — not only is the holiday season upon us, but also it’s finals week of the semester.

Along with bustling to complete countless tests, papers, projects and presentations — finals week means another thing: the end to regular posts on my blog.

As most of you know, I started this blog to write about two of my biggest passions — PRSSA and strategic communication — for my online journalism class.

I kept trying to start a blog, but I couldn’t seem to find the right time — until this class. So, even before the start of this course, I had a feeling I would enjoy my blogging experience. And — just as I expected — I loved every minute of it.

Unfortunately, with the end of the semester comes the end of regularly assigned posts. I plan to continue posting on my blog in the spring semester, but not until after the holidays.

Next semester — I will intern with Campbell Soup Company, have a full course load and prepare for graduation. But don’t fret, I do plan to continue my posts.

After taking a holiday hiatus from my blog, my Blue PRints to success includes posting at least once a month. I may expand my beat to cover topics — which still fall under the PRSSA and strategic communication umbrella — such as a day in the life of an intern or a day in the life of a public relations senior.

Furthermore, I hope you all enjoyed reading my posts as much as I did creating them. I also hope you all continue on your strategic communication journey and know that, thanks to the inspiration from this blog and its readers, I am more dedicated to my journey than ever before.

Feel free to tell me what you would like to see me post about next semester. Thank you for reading and I hope your grades help you make the nice list this holiday season!  Until next time (which I hope will come soon enough), and as a recap of the semester, I am posting links to my greatest hits (top five posts) below:

  1. Anne Klein and Beka Rendell co-host AJF-PRSSA’s “What Not to Wear & How Not to Act” event
  2. Social Marketing Specialist Isaac Katz’s view of social strategy and his tips for success
  3. What I gained from Philly Ad Club’s “5 For Your Future” event
  4. David Yarus’ tips on how to land your dream job using social media
  5. #Governmentshutdown causes digital crisis with federal websites and Twitter accounts blackout
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