End of a hiatus and recycling of a guest blog post

Dear readers,

I apologize for the longer-than-expected holiday hiatus. Time slipped away from me between my blessing of an internship, taking five courses, managing my senior cap stones, job searching, and preparing for graduation (ah!). So – as I’m sure many bloggers know – when your schedule becomes jammed, it’s easy to eliminate your blog post from your to-do list.

But, excuses aside, I want to try to start posting at least once per month again.

So for starters, below you will see my recycled guest post from Jason Mullica’s blog, One Guy’s Journey.

Guest Post: A Mentor That’s a “Grand Slam”

[Jas’ note: I first met Corinthea Harris via Twitter and noticed she was at Rowan University. We then chatted at last October’s PRSSA National Conference in Philadelphia, Pa. It turned out we had something in common (aside from being from South Jersey): A great mentor.]

After a whirlwind year – having three internships, trying my hand at being an RA, resigning from the RA position to take a career opportunity, realizing I graduate in May and so much more – and when I say what I’ve accomplished out loud, I sometimes ask myself how someone so tiny could handle such a large work load? How did I possibly handle everything on my plate at one time?

The answer: my grand-slam mentor.

mentorEnter Larry Litwin, APR, Fellow PRSA. Litwin acted as a teacher and mentor, won various public relations (PR) counselor and broadcast journalist awards, owned and operated Hello, Sports Fans!, umpired numerous baseball games and – most importantly – acted as a life coach to me and many other students and professionals.

I say grand-slam mentor and life coach because Litwin constantly went above and beyond. To prove it, I developed the following list of ways he helped me and others:

1. Available 24-7, like a true PR pro. No matter the task, Litwin had an ever-revolving door and inbox. He made time for his students in his office and answered emails even when he really didn’t have two seconds to spare.

2. Listened. Until Litwin, I hadn’t met a person who actually actively listened. He didn’t drop the conversation after you said what you had to say. Instead, he asked questions to figure out the next appropriate step. (And he had this ability to make you feel as though you were a top priority.)

3. Researched. Once he figured out what you wanted or needed, he would take you through a force-field analysis to ensure you made the best possible decision.

5. Stayed on top, if not ahead, of the industrySpeaking of research, Litwin kept up with the latest trends and best practices in the ever-changing strategic communication industry.

6. Taught real-world lessons. Litwin’s career accomplishments helped him teach real-world lessons in the class room and in advisement sessions. And he shared any new industry information he learned instantly. (Also, he wrote a book that acts as a go-to resource for many strategic communication professionals.)

7. Advanced students’ careersLitwin cared more about others than he did about himself. He constantly put others first and did whatever he had to do. With this mentality, you could put money on the fact that he had plenty of connections to various public relations professionals – which he selflessly shared with students to advance their careers.

Seven may not seem like enough reasons to proclaim someone’s record-breaking personality, but I can’t simply put into words the countless things Litwin did for me and other students – leaving a lasting impression.

And since Litwin advocated for baseball and sports, I figured my “grand-slam mentor” metaphor remained appropriate.

He definitely helped me navigate the bases of my college career, pre-professional career and sometimes my personal life. He truly umpired my life and helped me build my personal brand, so that I would have the confidence in myself to one day hit a home run on my own.

I will never have enough at-bat opportunities (words) to possibly hit enough home runs (thank yous) to repay him for everything he taught me. I can only hope other people have a chance to score a mentor like Litwin.


Corinthea Harris is senior at Rowan University. She will graduate in May with bachelor’s degrees in public relations and advertising. Currently, she is the Global Communications Intern at Campbell Soup Company. 

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Post # 14 — Greatest hits and holiday hiatus

Dear readers,

Professors are checking their grade books and checking them twice. They’re going to find out which students’ grades suffice. Yup, it’s that time a year again — not only is the holiday season upon us, but also it’s finals week of the semester.

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Post #13 and final project — How marketers can get you through retail stores’ doors and earn your business during the holidays

Will marketers and retail stores land on Santa’s naughty or nice list this year?

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Post #12 — Blue PRints to success: Using Storify to help describe PR

Since it’s nearing the end of this semester and my last two posts helped explain public relations (PR), I went a step further by using Storify to help drive home the description of PR.

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Post #11 — What exactly do PR professionals do?

Going off my last post about things only public relations (PR) people would understand and how it’s one of the most misunderstood careers by family members or friends, explaining what exactly PR professionals do is also difficult.

But why is this industry so hard to explain and comprehend?

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Extra Credit Post #10 — Two of the top 10 “most misunderstood” jobs and the top 10 answers of things only PR or social media professionals would understand

As a public relations (PR) or social media professional, have your parents or friends ever misunderstand or incorrectly explained what your job entails?

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Post #8 — Social Marketing Specialist Isaac Katz’s view of social strategy and his tips for success


(Isaac Katz, a Rowan University graduate and Social Marketing Specialist at a Fortune 500 food company/Permission for use granted by Isaac Katz)

Name: Isaac Katz, aka the “Social Strategist Ninja”

Hometown: Cherry Hill, N.J.

College attended: Rowan University

Major studied: Public relations (PR)

Current industry: Consumer packaged goods (CPG) foods

Current place of employment: A Fortune 500 food company

Current job title and department: Social Marketing Specialist, Digital Marketing

Favorite quote: “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” – Albert Einstein

Fun fact: I’m South Korean and speak Spanish conversationally. I have a very multi-cultural background.


With social media occupations on the rise, many students want to position themselves as an expert in this area to potential employers. But how? With the combination of hard work, dedication, some luck, and a never-give-up attitude all the pieces should fall into place.

Isaac Katz, a social marketing specialist at a Fortune 500 food company and a past member of AJF-PRSSA, graduated from Rowan University in 2012. Although he didn’t always know exactly what he wanted to do, he worked hard and created opportunities for himself. Now, he has one of the coolest and fastest-growing jobs under the marketing communication umbrella.

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