What I gained from Philly Ad Club’s “5 For Your Future” event

I learned so much and added value to my brand’s unique selling point (USP) by attending Philly Ad Club’s “5 For Your Future” event.

The following information takes an in-depth look at what I gained from each speaker’s five tips.
Takeaways from Lead Designer Chris Loringer, O3 World:

Put yourself out there to prepare for big moments. Go outside of your job description to show a company your full potential. But, leave work at work. You will lead a happier lifestyle.

Lessons from an Account Management and Marketing Executive Paige Albers, Digitas Health:

Reach that “ah-hah” moment by building mutually beneficial relationships between yourself and stakeholders (potential employees, future clients). Learn to work well with various people, manage time, and anticipate (everything and anything).

Tips for learning about company’s in a digital age Global Business Development Manager Julie Paretchan, SEER Interactive:

Use social tools (Google, Glassdoor, Career Bliss, Meetup, Eventful) to research a company to discover its culture, see what the company’s doing, where they are presenting, and ensure it’s a fit for you. Don’t forget: companies research your brand, too.  When in doubt, don’t post. Be yourself and own your personal brand on social channels. Position yourself (showing your USP) as a thought leader by sharing knowledge with others rather than posting something questionable.

How getting involved can boost your results and add value President Marci Hackel, First Place Career Solutions:

Get involved. This provides leadership opportunities and contacts to help launch your career in an organization where you add value.  Selling you is a continuous cycle. Start now and never stop learning, adding new skills or gaining new experiences.

How to use best practices on LinkedIn Social Media Director Kristen Kane, Kane Partners:

Capitalize on these tips by using them as a catalyst between you and potential employers. You can use LinkedIn to reach prospective individuals or companies by making your profile SEO friendly, customizing your profile, changing privacy settings to public, searching your networks, and joining and interacting with relevant (to your brand) groups.

Confidence I’m walking away with after attending the event: 

Overall, Philly Ad Club’s “5 For Your Future” event not only provided me with terrific tips for my job search and future career, but also inspired and encouraged me to have more faith during what seems like a never-ending quest. Remember: if you use these proven tips to strategically position yourself, you should have an excessive variety of opportunities. Above all else — this is your future. Pursue your passion, enjoy your job and be happy!

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