Post #12 — Blue PRints to success: Using Storify to help describe PR

Since it’s nearing the end of this semester and my last two posts helped explain public relations (PR), I went a step further by using Storify to help drive home the description of PR.

As my Twitter bio states,  I’m a social media explorer — which helps me keep up with the ever-changing strategic communication industry. Being a PR advocate — I use social media, industry blogs and the Internet for inspirational ways to explain my PR journey.  So, for this post, I’ve decided to create a Storify story — “Blue PRints to success: Using Storify and social media to help describe PR” — to make a collection of Tweets, pictures, videos and links that relate to inpspirational and helpful ways to explain what PR professionals do to non-industry people.

Some of the posts in my Storify article came from Twitter accounts and industry sites dedicated to PR, such as PR Daily and The PR Closet, which I suggest checking out.

I hope my Storify summary inspires you to continue in your PR journey and sparks an interest to create your own story.

Feel free to leave a comment below if you want information about Storify or have your own account with stories about PR that you would like to share.

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